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If You’re Over 35, then 7 Different Hormones Can Make It Impossible For You To Lose Weight!

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Stop Struggling!

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It’s Been Proven That Hormonal Issues Are A Common And Direct Cause Of Excess Weight And Many Other Health Problems.

In Fact, There Are 7 Different Hormones That Can Make It Virtually Impossible For You To Lose Weight. Especially If You’re Over 35.








If you’re one of the millions of people who struggle to lose weight, sometimes it can feel like there’s no hope; no solution. But there is. It’s called the 20/30 Fast Track Plan. The 20/30 Fast Track Plan works to address the real problem keeping you from losing weight… hormones. Our program works to correct your hormones, so you can finally lose the weight, and solve a variety of other health issues, such as insomnia, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, low energy and more.


The 20/30 Fast Track Plan Addresses Those Hormones, So You Can Finally Lose Weight.*

This program works to balance multiple hormones, correcting the imbalance. And when the hormones are balanced, the body is in the healthy state of homeostasis, making it easier to lose weight. It will lower your stress level, which will lower cortisol. Plus, it will cause your body to function in a high health state, so capped out cortisol and adrenal fatigue is greatly reduced. Adrenals can even be improved.


The 20/30 Fast Track Program Offers An Easy-to-Follow Plan and Fast Results Because It’s NOT A Diet.

This program teaches you a lifestyle that will help you keep the weight off, and maintain your weight for the rest of your life.

To really create change, you’ve got to address the ‘whole person’. Just changing what you eat is NEVER going to lead to lasting weight loss. The 20/30 Fast Track program does just that, focusing on each core area of your lifestyle to build healthier habits, and lifelong results.

Reduce Stress

Emotional Eating

Structured Eating Plan

Crush Cravings

Healthy Habits

Lifestyle Success

Stop Struggling!

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Our Members Have Reported A Variety of Health Benefits While On The Program, Including …


Losing A 1/2 to 1 Pound A Day On Average


Balanced Hormones


Better, More Restful Sleep


Lowered Stress


Increased Energy


Stabilized Blood Sugar


Mental Clarity & Focus


Lowered Blood Pressure


Migraines Eliminated



“I feel better and know I look better! I am healthy and more confident with myself!”

Charlette has lost 85 pounds and 74 inches with a combined total of 159 on the 20/30 Fast Track and LTYB program.


In 3 months, Carl has lost 60 pounds and 54 inches with a combined total of 114!!!!!

This program has also helped him with reducing his blood pressure medication! His Dr has said he is so proud of him and to continue doing what he is doing because it’s WORKING!! He has tons of energy and is enjoying his new way of living!


Buffy has lost 63 pounds and 57 inches with a combined total of 120!

She’s down 8 pant sizes and 2 shirt sizes!!!! She’s also started exercising every day and really enjoying her new lifestyle!! The 20/30 Fast Track program has also helped her with: better sleep, no more night sweats, no more hot flashes, reduced blood pressure and blood sugar, less bloating and much more.


Will YOU Be Our Next 20/30 Success Story?

This is the BEST program of its kind because NO ONE with our experience is teaching anything like it! The goal is permanent weight loss and lasting health… the focus is YOU and your results!

Stop Struggling!

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Hello, I’m Donna Krech, CEO and Founder

With the 20/30 Fast Track plan, you’ll learn the real reason you’ve had trouble losing weight and keeping it off.  We’ll show you how your hormones and unique body chemistry affect weight loss, how your body metabolizes food, and how you can successfully shed the weight for good.  We’ll also show you how to put what you learn into action right on the spot, making sure you begin getting results immediately.

20/30 Fast Track is taking on the weight loss industry with fast, safe, results that help you become happy, healthy, adn fully alive.  It all comes down to seven key hormones that are affecting your body and causing extra weight and health issues, especially if you’re over 35.

The 20/30 Fast Track plan addresses those unbalanced hormones and helps people lose the weight and solve a variety of other health issues, such as insomnia, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, low energy and more.

The results… well, they speak for themselves!

Are you ready to take your life back Today!

You too can gain access to the tools that 1,000’s of members have used to achieve the amazing health benefits they have been reporting! Quick Recipes, cooking videos, weight and sleep tracking, Food & water tracking, food nutritional facts, restaurant nutrition database, mindset videos, healthy food education. 

Increased energy and feeling amazing is like being 20 years younger!

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