If you’re over 35 and struggle to lose weight, (or keep it off), sleep well, or cope with stress, this FREE Book, written by 30+ year wellness veteran, reveals the science behind why most diets fail, and why most health issues occur. And it’s the same reason!


FACT: Most people struggle to lose weight on any diet or weight loss program (especially if you’re over the age of 35) and have health issues that were never experienced before that age.

Why?  Because most diets and wellness programs miss this ONE THING that makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE between optimal health success and failure!

30+ Year Health and Weight Loss Expert, Donna Krech, reveals the real reason you’ve struggled to lose weight, and feel lousy, and it has almost nothing to do with what or how much you eat, or even how much you exercise.  The truth is, even if you do everything right, unless you fix this one thing, you’re probably destined for failure.

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Why other diets fail and weight loss programs fail, and where they fall short

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The secret connection between hormone imbalance and sleeplessness, anxiety, depression, and a slew of other health issues

How to overcome dependence on food and/or drink for comfort and and coping with stress

How to increase energy, overcome stress, and improve health

Simple lifestyle changes that will change everything about how you look and feel

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About the Author

Donna Krech is a multiple award-winning entrepreneur, best-selling author and internationally acclaimed speaker. Amongst the dozens of businesses she’s founded, two of her world-changing brands are 20/30 Fast Track© and Listen to Your Body©. She’s been in the Weight Loss and Fitness industries since 1982, became a recognized leader in the Personal Development and Wellness spaces in 2004 and is now seen as a Go-To Expert in each of these categories. Donna’s passion for seeing others become all they were created to be, drew her to become a Life Coach, develop a Life Coaching Certification and provide revolutionary systems like Never Ending Motivation, Eliminating Diet Disconnect and Think Thin Coaching for faster, easier, weight loss that lasts, to hundreds of thousands of real people, just like you. Due to her hormone balancing weight loss programs and health-producing wellness products, people all over the globe achieve the permanent weight loss, optimal health, happiness and success results they seek.

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